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Here is something you should by and large consider when crafting a corporate site: Blogging, Email and newsleter handling system and the Office locations display. Nec vitae Pellentesque et ut ipsum eget laoreet Nam sapien fames.

Blogging serves as a bridge between your business and potential customers. Then make sure to get it shine and engage as many visitors to your site as possible. This would earn you a high conversion in return. For that reason, JA Biz is seamlessly integrated with EasyBlog – our favourite blogging tool that surpasses others in its convenience and rich feature list. It supports blogging remotely with multiple authorships and gives the ease in migrating articles from other places.

Along with blogging, email and newsletter are perfect channels to interact with customers. As your business develops, you need an effective system to manage a large amount of subscribers, organize them and send out personalized emails, etc. In JA Biz, we integrate Acymailing - a popular Joomla extension for newsletter and email marketing to achieve just that.



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