Individual Income Tax Return Checklist

The following checklist details some of the documents and information that we will ask you about when preparing your Income Tax Return. Please check the list and bring any relevant information with you as we cannot be sure when the Australian Tax Office Portal will have these details available.


Federal Budget 2014-15

This year's federal budget must focus on the long-term prosperity of our nation. While the government has made it clear that the current levels of debt and deficit are unsustainable, climbing back into the black must not come at the cost of essential investments in our future, the benefits of which won't be seen in the short term. It is essential for the government to invest in infrastructure, health and education.


Greater economic diversification and boosting productivity will be critical as our economy shifts from the mining boom. This shift will not be a seamless one and many of the challenges confronting us require long-term solutions. We need to remain competitive globally into the future and this year's federal budget presents an opportunity to rise to that challenge.


ING template for Portfolio

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